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At Bubbagum teething, we have created a natural teething gel containing organic and natural ingredients, suitable for teething monsters of all ages.



Feeling a little sleep deprived? Have a teething child in the house?

Well here at Bubbagum teething we have created a natural teething gel just for you! Our goal, to take the confusion out of finding a natural alternative to teething.

It all began after the frustration of not being able to find a safe and natural teething gel. We wanted a product that was natural, that was chemical free and most importantly that worked. This is when the idea for Bubbagum teething gel was born, naturally.

After endless hours of research, trials and plenty of parent feedback, we are proud to have created a natural teething remedy that soothes sore gums and calms grumpy monsters.

Bubbagum teething gel includes organic ingredients such as chamomile flower known for it’s calming properties, marshmallow root which contains anti-inflammatory properties and organic liquorice root and fennel seed which provide a cooling/soothing effect on inflamed gums.

Our ingredients are laboratory tested before being manufactured under the strict code of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), meaning our products are made up to the highest Australian standards.  Oh and our teething gel is also cruelty free and vegan friendly, so that means we believe in NO testing on animals.

Our teething gel is also suitable for adults suffering from a gum ulcer or abscess and toothache pain, offering a natural relief which has been tested with positive results.

So who makes Bubbagum teething gel?  We are family owned and operated here at Bubbagum teething, in beautiful sunny Queensland, proudly Australian owned and made.  We are dedicated to making a natural teething remedy for your little teething monsters.

Created with love and care.



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